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The importance of visual communications – and four tips to make the most of your opportunity

The importance of visual communications – and four tips to make the most of your opportunity


information to an audience. If you are not using visual communications to reach your prospects and customers you could be losing business – and fast!

The National Center for Biotechnology Information has determined that the average attention span of a human being has fallen over the last fifteen years, from 12 seconds to a mere eight – meaning if you don’t communicate quickly, it’s likely you won’t communicate at all!

A couple of examples on social media confirm the importance of visual communications in connecting with your target audience. Facebook brand page posts with photos account for 87% of total Facebook page interactions worldwide, per Socialbakers. And on Twitter, tweets with images gain 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites, and 150% more re-tweets than those without graphics.

No wonder that 70% of marketers plan to increase their use of original visual assets via strategies like infographics and other images, reports Social Media Examiner. Contrast this to the percentage of marketers who plan to decrease their reliance on visual content: 0%!

So, how best to make the most of the visual communications opportunity in your marketing efforts? Four tips:

  1. Achieve authenticity: Your visual content must convey the values of the brand. The easiest way to do so? Employ to the greatest extent possible easily recognizable elements that communicate brand recognition at-a-glance.
  2. Target effectively: To reach the correct audience, your visual content must be thoughtfully framed and arrive via media that showcase a brand’s familiarity with your most promising prospects. If using social media, for example, know that each platform (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, etc.) has its own nuances in culture, style and audience expectations.
  3. Strike the right tone: Your brand’s visual communication will find greater success the more closely it’s aligned with the emotions, needs and expectations of your audience. But how to judge the right tone? Begin with careful consideration of your targets, and also by benchmarking the activities of successful competitors as you develop your visual content.
  4. Remain relevant: A potential downside of visual communication involves the use of poorly designed examples that are difficult to comprehend. If irrelevant information is presented, images can not only be distracting, but also impede the understanding of the concepts they should be trying to clarify!

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